tisdag 15 december 2015



This is a typical Norwegian cake that my mother always made for Christmas. It can be eaten like a sandwich with butter and cheese. When making these growing up we made them a bit bigger since my mother had this special Lefse Grill. Now in this recipe I have made them smaller like small biscuits when I cut them out and I fried them in a frying pan.

250 gr lard
250 gr butter
200 gr sugar
2, 25 dl water
1 teaspoon salt
60 gr semolina
550 gr flour
0, 25 tsp Ammonium Carbonate or Barker´s Ammonia (Hjorthornssalt in Swedish/Hjortesalt in Norwegian).

Stir lard, butter and sugar porous. Add the other ingredients. Mix well until a smooth dough. Refrigerate for a while. Roll out thinly and cut buscuits into squares of 20 cm or use a glass to cut out round biscuits. Bake on medium warm frying pan or this special Lefse Grill called “Takke” which is used in Norway for Lefse. Fry until they are light golden with a little dark spots on both sides.

I am used to eating these served with butter and Norwegian goat cheese or butter and sirap. But try anything you like really!

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