tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Banh Da Lon

Banh Da Lon

½ cup split yellow mung beans soaked in water 30 minutes, rinse and drain
¾ cup water 

1 drop yellow food color
1 ½ cup tapioca flour/starch
½ cup rice flour
1 cup water
1 can coconut milk
1 ½ cup sugar
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon Pandan extract
3 drops green food color

Boil soaked mung beans in ¾ cup of water. Boil, turn down heat and zimmer 10-15 minutes until water evaporates. 

In a bowl mix tapioca flour, rice flour, water, coconut milk, sugar, salt, mix well.

Divide batter in two (1/3 in one bowl and 2/3 in one bowl).
Place cooked mung beans in a blender and add the 1/3 of 
coconutmilk mix batter. Blend one minute until smooth. Pour batter   back in bowl. Add a drop of yellow food color and stir.

Add Pandan Extract and 3 drops of green food color to the 2/3 coconut milk mix batter, stir!

In a steamer carefully place a lightly greased 9 inch non-stick cake pan.

Start ladle in alternating colors, starting with green.
Cover and steam first layer four minutes (until firm o top)
Ladle second layer with yellow and place lid on.
After four minutes place third layer if previous is firm

Alternate the layers this way until batter is finished.

Take off and cool completely before touching. After cooled, use a oiled spatula to loosen up edges to remove to the cutting board. Use knife or pizza slicer to cut cakes in shapes.

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