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Norwegian Smørbrød


Smørbrød is a traditional Norwegian treat at many festive occations. They can be made after your own liking. It is important they look delicious and inviting. Here are some toppings that are common in Norway.

Smørbrød with Karbonade (a special burger made from ground beef)
Smørbrød with Salmon
Smørbrød with eggs

To make Smørbrød
Use white bread
Spread with butter and cut in triangles
Put a sallad leaf on the bread than add the topping

For Karbonade smørbrød you put the Karbonade on top of the sallad leaf than top with glaced onions or you can use sliced red beets and pickles. Most common in Norway is glaced onions.

Or you can make sandwiches with Salmon, cut tomatoes and thin sliced cucumbers.

Or made egg and shrimp sandwiches. Cut the eggs in slices and top with shrimps and caviar and decorate with thin slices of cucumbers.

To make beautiful and delicious smørbrød use your creativity and your own taste.

To make Karbonade:

1 kg ground beef (get ground beef with as little fat as possible)
1 tbs salt
2 tbs potato starch
1-2 dl cold water
1 ts pepper

Mix the ingredients and make round beefs with your hands. Flatten the beefs and make a cutting pattern all over on both sides so they are thin and flat. They should even be formed a little oval in shape. Fry in butter in a fryiong pan on both sides. They can be served warm on the sandwich or cold.

To make glaced onions:
Cut yellow onions in thin slices
Fry on low heat in a frying pan with butter and a little sugar until golden and shiny.
Decorate the Karbonade smørbrød with a topping of glaced onion.

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