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Ingredients:Enough potatoes to make 8 cups diced potatoes1/2 cup whipping cream (not whipped)8 heaping tbsp. real butter1 tbsp. salt4 scant cups flour

Peel and cook potatoes.

Rice potatoes while hot.

Add butter, cream and salt, thoroughly. Cool off. 

Mix in flour.

Roll out very thinly on lightly floured board (covered with pastry cloth). Use rolling pin cover or else will stick to pin. Use as little flour as you can when rolling rounds out. Use about 1/3 cup of potato mixture when making rounds. 

Bake on a hot griddle (not greased). Store between towels. 
Makes 24 pieces of lefse.

How to serve and eat Potatoe Lefse
The most common is to smear it with butter and sprinkle with suger, than roll and eat.

It can also be eaten with just butter as a sidedish to a soup or to a dish like Lutefisk or making small tapas with your own favorite fillings. In Norway it is also very common to roll around a hotdog instead of ordinary hotdog bread.

Smear with butter and sprinkle with sugar and roll up to serve
Make tapas with cream cheese, ham and some green, roll, cut and serve
Make tapas with cream cheese, salmon, some green, cut and serve
Make tapas with shrimps, mayonnaise, caviar, roll, cut and serve

The lefse can also be folded and cut in smaller pieces like squares or rektangles

In Norway Potatoe Lefse is also used instead of a bread or bun around hot dogs

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