fredag 9 november 2012

Chineese Mooncakes with salted eggyolks

After waiting for 30 days my salted eggyolks are finally done. For the mooncake the yolk is taken out without boiling the egg and put in the middle. The filling goes around and than the dough. For other use the eggs are boiled and than they last for three-four months. They are all ready to eat. I am very happy and satiesfied with my new experience in the kitchen.


Eggs in brine for 30 days
Salted eggyolk
Salted eggyolk goes in the filling of the mooncake. This is a filling of green bean paste.
The green bean paste is formed as a ball around the yolk.
Than the dough is flattened in the palm and put around the ball made from the yolk and the green bean paste.
The mooncakes are pressed in a mold. Since I did not have the chineese mold I used my own special one´s. My grandmother buttermold and wooden carved stamps with Adinkra symbols from Ghana. So this is Chineese Mooncakes with a Ghanaian and Norwegian twist.
The mooncakes are baked in the oven until golden.
And finally served with chineese tea,

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