söndag 21 oktober 2012

Inspired Asian Cooking


Making salted eggs.

Chinese homemade Mooncakes with a Ghanaian and Norwegian twist.

Vietnamese Noodlesallad with Nuoc Cham Sauce.

Homemade Japanese Sushi and Vietnamese Springrolls with Nuoc Cham Sauce.

Lately I have been trying some different Asian cooking. So I have had quite an adventure in the kitchen lately. I started with Vietnamese noodle sallad with Nuoc Cham Sauce. Later with some more complicated dishes. In China, Vietnam and some other Asien countries Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated the 30th. September. At this festival it is common to also eat Mooncakes. 

I had never heard about this, so I did some research to find out what kind of cakes this was. I found recipts how to make them but didn´t know how they were supposed to taste. So I searched all of Stockholm to see 
if it was possible to find, both samples and also ingredients. I found there are so many fillings and tastes. 

They are also supposed to have salted eggyolks inside, symbolizing the moon. This I had never heard of either. So I even searched recipts for this. And I learned it would take 30 days to make the salted eggs. Since they are eggs put in brine, like we even salted food in the good old days here. I had never heard about conserving eggs this way though before.  I didn’t want to wait 30 days to try to make Mooncakes, so I finally found an Asian Market in Stockholm where they had the ingredients I needed. Just to do the research for this was fun, and even to finally find the ingredients.

I even found some real Mooncakes from China, with different tastes, lotus paste, nut paste, two examples. However these are very, very sweet. So what I wanted to make was Mooncakes with Green Bean Paste, since these are not sweet. The cakes I found have beautiful patterns since they are made in special molds. However these were not possible to find here and the lady in the store told me: No one bakes these themselves at home. Anyways I had made up my mind to try. So I thought I will use some other molds. I do have some wood carvings from Ghana with Adinkra Symbols on, and I thought I could use those. I also have this old buttermold from my grandmother in Norway. This was used when making homemade butter. Then they put the butter in the mold to make it look nice and decorative on the table. So I was all set to make Chinese Mooncakes with a Ghanaian and Norwegian twist. 

And I was really satisfied with myself after finishing my project. The cakes tasted great and much better than the one´s I bought actually.  Yesterday I tried something more simple, Vietnamese Springrolls and Japanese Sushi. I did even start my own salted eggs, but they will not be done before the 10th November. I am excited to see and taste when the day comes.  For now, may I show my kitchen adventures: Chinese Mooncakes with my own personal twist, my Vietnamese springrolls and homemade Japanese sushi.




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