fredag 13 december 2013

Christmas Cookies

Traditional Christmas cakes from Norway called Fattigmann, Smultring, Krumkake, Kransekake and Tjukklefse. Traditional Christmas Cakes from Sweden called Lussebulle, Havreflarn and Rullrån. Traditional Christmas Cake from Romania called Gogosi. This mixed with a few non-traditional variatons of American Chocolate Chip Cookies. You can find all the receipts here on my blog so just click on the link under the picture and explore the Cookie world!

Gogosi – Romanian traditional Christmas cake which is a variation of doughnuts

Chocolate Chip cookies with oatmeal and banana

Havreflarn - Traditional Swedish Christmas cookies  with oatmeal

Kransekakebiter - Almond Cookies made of Kransekake dough, traditional festive cake in Norway

And here is the link to the traditional Kransekake - Norwegian Festive Cake

Smultringer- Norwegian traditional doughnuts

Fattigman- Norwegian traditional Christmas cookie

Krumkake – A traditional Norwegian cookie  and called Rullrån in Swedish.

Pepperkake- traditional Norwegian and Swedish Gingerbread cookies

Lussebulle- traditional Swedish Lucia Roll with Saffron

Tjukklefse – A traditional Norwegian cake

Chocolate Chip Cookies with chickpeas

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