fredag 13 december 2013


Norwegian traditional Christmas cookie that belongs to the ”seven kinds” that is supposed to be on a Norwegian Coffee table for Christmas.

6 eggyolks
6 tbs sugar
6 tbs whipped cream
½ tsp cardamom
200-250 gr flour

Whisk egg and sugar stiff and fluffy

Mix in the whipped cream

Sift 200 gr of the flour and stir in carefully. The rest of the flour you use for the rolling.

Divide the dough in smaller parts and roll out a little at the time.

Cut the cakes into rectangular pieces (see picture) and make a cut in the middle.  Form the “fattigman” by putting the end of the rectangular cut cake through the cut in the middle (see picture).

Fry the cakes in oil or coconut fat until golden brown. Take out and put on baking paper to cool off.

For serving they can be served as they are or even heated a little and turned in sugar (or turned in sugar mixed with cinnamon). You can even sprinkle with icing sugar through a sift before serving. However traditionally in Norway they are served plain.

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