söndag 6 mars 2016

Japaneese Bento Boxes

Bento Box, really means a lunch box. However it has ancient tradition and history in Japan. The boxes in themselves are beautiful creations made from wood to the more modern one´s out of plastic. I don´t have any of the beautiuful boxes, but I tried to make the content. Here I have made one Bento Box for grown ups and one childrens Bento Box. What you put in the box could be anything of your own liking.

In Japan the content of the Bento Boxes is an artistic creation in itself. In my Bento Box for grown ups I have made mosaic sushi, heart shaped egg omelette, sausage, vegetable and beef teriyaki rolls, asian glasnoodlesallad and carved carrot roses.

In my childrens box I have made cats out of rice. Octopus sausages, muschroom from tomato and egg, ham and carved carrots.

Here are the links to the recipes and instructions for each dish.

Mosaic Sushi

Vegetable and beef teriyaki rolls


Heartshaped egg omelette

Octopus sausage and carved carrot roses

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