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Clay pot rice with chicken, cured meat and egg yolks


Clay pot rice with chicken, cured meat and egg yolks

Clay Pot Rice bowl is made with chinese sausage and cured pork belly. This clay pot rice bowl has a layer of crispy rice at the bottom!

If you cannot find Chinese sausage any cured meat will be fine

1 cup jasmin rice
1 cup water
1 chicken leg
5 cm piece of cured pork belly (slice)
5 cm piece of sweet chinese sausage (slice)
A handful dried scrimps
A handful chinese mushrooms (soaked and sliced)
Green peas
1 tablespoon regular soy sauce
1 tablespoon seasoned soy sauce (you can substitute this with a bit more regular soy sauce as well)
½ tablespoon dark soy sauce
1 tablespoon fish sauce
A pinch of sugar
A pinch of white pepper
1 scallion, chopped
2 egg yolks (optional)

Soak your cup of rice in (exactly) a cup of water in your clay pot for an hour. After it's been soaked, cook the rice. I have a clay pot meant for the oven so I place it in the oven on 250 degrees Celsius.  

Mix the soy sauces, fish sauce, sugar, white pepper and marinate the chickenleg for 20 minutes. Fry the chicken all around in a frying pan. 

Check the rice. When it's boiling and water has evaporated add some olive oil and stir. Put the chicken leg on top of the rice and put it back in the oven for about 20 minutes, until chicken is baked through.

Put the cured sliced meats, dried scrimps, chopped mushrooms in the frying pan and quickly fry and stir in a little of the sauce from the chicken marinade. 

Take out the claypot and add the mix on top of the rice and put it back in for 10 minutes. Take it out again and place the egg yolks nicely on top. Cover it back up and bake for another 3 minutes.

Take the pot out of the oven and decorate with chopped scallion.

The rice is done when it is crisp along the sides.
Serving , mix the rice and the other ingredients and get some of the crisp rice in each portion. Top with fresh spring onion and peas.


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