fredag 2 oktober 2015

Coffee from fresh coffee beans!

Did you know that fresh coffee is green? I love coffee, I have to admit. Still I never knew that coffee is green? Did you know? Fresh coffee is green! I have never seen fresh coffee before. When I was little I grinded coffee and made it the old fashioned way in a kettle. My mother and grandmother taught me. It was long before I drunk myself. But I liked the big coffee grinder my grandmother had in her kitchen, Still the coffee beans we grinded were black! 

Now I have seen the fresh green coffee beans and didn´t know what I was looking at, even though I have been drinking coffee for more than 25 years. I have now tasted coffee from fresh coffee beans that I have roasted myself, grinded and made coffee from! It is such a difference in the taste, it is amazing!

I bought the coffee beans in a Eritrean shop in Stockholm. I even got a small pan to roast the beans and the Jebena to make the coffee in after it is grinded. In Eritrea drinking coffee is a whole ceremony. It is drunk with popcorn. So I made myself a coffee ceremony the Eritrean way. Well I drunk alone, and it is always a social event in Eritrea.

It is a long story to describe a real coffee ceremony, You can read more on these links.
For me I roasted the coffee beans in the pan called a “menkeskesha”. I let them cool on a small woven mat and then grinded the beans in a small coffee grinder I have bought. It works to use a mixer as well. After grinding the coffee I filled water and coffee in my Jebena. This is a coffeepot made of clay. I put it on my electric stove. It works even if it is not the "right way". After the coffee has boiled I placed it on a special woven stand to let the coffee sink before I poured it. The coffee is poured into small cups with sugar. How much sugar depends on your taste. For me I normally drink coffee without sugar. And with the coffee the tradition is to eat popcorn. 

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