onsdag 19 februari 2014

Lasagna with ground beef, green cabbage and carrots!

Lasagna with ground beef, green cabbage and carrots!

1 big Carrot
Leaves of Green Cabbage
500 g Ground beef
1 Spring Onion
1 can of crushed tomatoes
Spices according to your liking
2 cubes of beef broth

Shred the carrot with a potato peeler to long strings. Steam the cabbage leaves to soften them. Fry the ground beef in the frying pan with a little olive oil. Cut the spring onion in small pieces and add to the ground beef. Add the tomato sauce to the ground beef and let it simmer. Add spices until it tastes according to your liking.

I added some Mexican spices as well. And it tasted great. When the sauce has simmered some and the cabbage is soft. Place a layer of cabbage leaves in a baking tin and put a layer of the sauce on top, add a layer of carrots, continue with another layer of cabbage leaves and sauce and carrots until the tin is full.

Cover the tin with foil when full and put in the oven on 200 Celsius Degrees for about 1 hour, or until the Cabbage leaves are really soft.
Cut and serve as any lasagna.

To make it faster and less time in the oven I could have steamed the cabbage longer and maybe not even had to put it in the oven. Anyways just be bold and experiment in your kitchen yourself as well.

This dish is really making you feel full and it is very healthy with vitamins and minerals. The green cabbage is full of C vitamins and the carrot full of A vitamin. There is no fat and no carbohydrates. And even the ground beef have a lot of nutrients good for you as well and with little fat as well. It is really fun to find alternatives to dishes and the satisfaction of knowing it is so healthy. It inspires to experiment in the kitchen!

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